Benefits of Classroom Animals According to research, classroom pets can provide a variety of educational values. Here are a few:

Teaches Responsibility: Having a classroom pet allows children to understand the responsibility that is involved in order to take care of an animal. Whether it’s feeding it lunch or cleaning out the cage, children will learn what it takes to care for something other than themselves.

It Enriches the Classroom Experience: Classroom pets introduce children to the world of animals. If students don’t have a pet of their own at home, they can see, feel, touch and learn what it takes to care for one at school.

Students Learn Compassion: A classroom pet is a great way to teach children compassion and how to nurture. Children will learn how to properly handle and care for the pet. Even the toughest of kids will have the chance to practice his/her nurturing skills. They will learn that they need to treat the pet carefully in order for it to trust them.

Is Therapeutic for Children: Classroom pets can bring calmness to children who have anxiety or stress in their lives. Studies show that classroom animals lessen tension and help children to be calmer. What teacher wouldn’t want that in their classroom?

Can be good for Your Health: There has been a lot of research on the benefits of animals and your health. Studies not only show that children who have pets are better equipped to fight off infection, but they also tend to average more days at school than children who do not have a pet.

We are currently growing a baby tadpole.

We have 3 butterflies that went threw the life cycle & are now born

The first night the baby rabbits were born (2 boys & 2 girls).
Second picture babies at 5 days old getting ready to open their eyes.
Third picture they are 3-4 weeks old, eating on their own and hoping around.

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